Signal Trader


What Is Signal Trader?

Signal Trader provides the ultimate solution for Automated Trading!
Signal Trader enables clients to fully automate their trading across a full range of financial instruments, by mirroring the trades of expert Signal Providers in the client's trading/MT4 account.


Why use Signal Trader?

Signal Trader provides fast, accurate, and a user-friendly platform that allows all traders to automatically execute trades based on top performing Signal providers. 
All traders have access to a 30 day FREE demo account with Signal Trader, in order to truly evaluate Signal Trader abilities.

With Signal Trader you can:

  • Have trades automatically be placed on your MT4 trading Accounts.
  • Control Trades in real-time.
  • Monitor all your trading activity VIA email.
  • Establish a risk management strategy by having full control over your mirroring ratios.
  • Access your Signal Trader account from any mobile or desktop device.

Top Systems Performances!

Signal trader offers many sophisticated systems for you to follow. 
All of Signal Trader systems have passed a rigorous testing period in order to ensure that you will be presented with highly performing Signal Providers and establish a quality automated trading experience. 


How it Works

In order to begin trading with Signal Trader, simply setup your 30 days Free Demo. Once your 30 day free demo is finished you can link up your account with TRADE24. Once your account is linked you can fully automate your trading activity on your MT4 account.


Real Time, Real Money.

Develop your trading portfolio using signal Traders sophisticated trading systems. Monitor all of your open and closed positions and trade results, all in real time.