Freddie S.
Apr 2 at 6:45pm
San Jose California, US
I can`t believe I haven`t started trading on Trade24 sooner. It is so easy to use and the customer support is awesome!
Winston B.
Apr 1 at 3:23pm
Ottawa, CA
Trade24 is the place where I first started trading and I have never thought of looking for another broker. They have a great academy section where I learned all the important trading techniques.
Sheila K.
March 23 at 2:15pm
Lyon, France
At first I had some issues and lost my initial deposit. I was kind of bummed out but everything was swiftly resolved by an account manage. After that I started earning really good cash!
Frank H.
March 20 at 7:02pm
Moscow, RU
If you`re looking for a place that offers everything you need in order to trade efficiently, look no further, Trade24 is the right broker for you. They have it all!
Larry J.
March 13 at 2:12pm
London, UK
They have great bonuses and special offers that really get you riled up for trading. I`ve changed a few trading places but hands down, Trade24 is the best so far.
Lucille H.
March 28 at 6:13pm
Denver, US
Finding a good Forex broker in which you can put your trust is not easy to do. I`m really satisfied with the services of Trade24 and I would definitely recommend it to others. Great service!
Dean L.
Apr 3 at 5:32pm
Frankfurt, DE
Initially, trading was difficult for me as I lost about half my deposit. But thanks to the guidance of #Trade24’s trainer, I not only made my investment back, I also profited!
Albert Y.
Apr 3 at 1:14pm
Edmonton, CA
Other online trading companies really don’t seem to understand finance. I can’t say the same about the staff at #Trade24, my account manager understands economic trends like the back of his hand.
Elena V.
March 31 at 3:26pm
Warsaw POL
What amazing customer service...I had a problem with my withdrawal and #Trade24 fixed it in about 2 minutes and without hassle. This was a pleasant experience for me.
Maria C.
March 17 at 2:32pm
Madrid, ES
I have received some really helpful trading insight from my account manager Richard over at #Trade24. In fact, I had such a pleasant experience I recommended them to my friends...Gracias!
Shelly T.
March 15 at 4:13pm
Vancouver, CA
What can I say about a brokerage with a knowledgeable staff and friendly customer service? Nothing but thank you, thank you and thank you some more.
Samantha E.
March 16 at 2:20pm
Saskatchewan, CA
When I started trading online, I was completely lost. But after just one (3 hour long) phone consultation with my ultra-patient account manager Eric, I began trading like a pro.
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