TRADE24 awards

Welcome to the TRADE24 forex awards page. Here you will find our awards that have been bestowed  upon us such as Best Forex Broker, Best Customer Service, Best Dealing Room and Best Trading Software so with confidence we certainty can say that you’ve come to the right place.

UK Forex Award 2014

Due to customer commitment, and a high level of dedication in providing a unique trading experience of the highest order TRADE24 is awarded the UK Forex Award 2014. TRADE24 provides traders the best customer support possible together with an extensive training program and a personal guidance course.

The European Director of the Year

TRADE24 leads the industry with a revolutionizing innovative outlook, TRADE24 has yet again managed to top the list of the leading broker in the trading industry. Thus TRADE24 is recognized as Director of the Year.

The European Broker of the Year

TRADE24 has given traders an experience that has left others in the field far behind. The success and complete satisfaction of the traders is the reason TRADE24 has been awarded the European Broker of the Year award of 2014.

FX Report Best Broker Western Europe

With a level of service that’s unmatched in western Europe, TRADE24 has merited the award of the Best Broker Western Europe. TRADE24 customer commitment serves as an example of dedicated customer service.

FX Report Best Professional Trading Platform

Due to providing a trading platform that is both intuitive and simple yet a powerhouse for trading TRADE24 has been awarded the title of Best Professional Trading Platform.

FX Report Best Customer Service

The customer service team at TRADE24 has taken care of the traders in an outstanding manner, and the Best Customer Service award is awarded to TRADE24.

The European Broker of the Year 2013

Due to outstanding efforts to provide the traders with all necessary means and tools needed to succeed in trading and due to a unique vision for the industry in general TRADE24 is recognized as European Broker of the Year 2013.

QFX 2014 Broker of the Year

Due to the recognition of the importance and potential in the Arab market combined with an unparalleled commitment to provide traders of the Arab market with a stellar experience TRADE24 is awarded the QFX Broker of the Year award.

Most Transparent Forex Broker

TRADE24 has shown an “above-and-beyond” attitude towards its brokers by going to great length in order to see that they are kept fully updated on everything and anything relevant to their accounts as well as anything that can possibly in any remote way influence trading outcomes TRADE24 is therefore named as the Most Transparent Forex Broker

QFX 2014 Best Islamic Account

Due to devising an open and tolerant account structure for both the benefit of observant and non-observant Muslims alike TRADE24 is the jury’s pick for the Best Islamic Account.

UK Forex Awards Best Forex Affiliate Scheme

The TRADE24 affiliate program allows partners many levels of performance incentives, as well as a full range of promotional and commercial tools to make sure that all partners have all tools needed for success. This extra-mile thinking has awarded TRADE24 with the award for the Best Forex Affiliate Scheme.

Best New Forex Broker in the EU 2012

Since its creation in 2007 TRADE24 has succeeded in giving personal attention to each and every one who has elected to trade with them. This has given them the award and recognition as being the 2012 Best New Forex Broker in the EU.

New Europe Magazine 2012
Best Platform

By providing a user-friendly and intuitive user interface combined with the power to give traders all tools necessary, the TRADE24 trading system has been awarded the Best Platform award.

UK Forex Awards 2012
Best Forex Promotion

TRADE24 keeps ahead of others with an extra edge by providing an extra generous promotional system, bonuses and opportunities for profits made therefore TRADE24 is awarded the title , the Best Forex Promotion category.

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