Oil has risen before the publication of information on the reserves of the United States


The cost of "black gold" have moved to an increase in price after a decline at the last session. Investors are hoping for a strong performance on stocks of crude oil and its derivative products in the United States.

Company Anglo American received more than $ 1,5B net profit


Mining company Anglo American at the end of 2016 was able to stay on the positive balance for 2016; it has accumulated 1.6 billion dollars of net profit.

Verizon agreed with Yahoo contract on value of $ 4.48 billion


The primary American concern for the supply of communications services Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ) was able to agree on the amount of the acquisition of a controlling package of company Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) Inc, which both companies value at $4,48B.

Samsung's share price lost 1.5% due to a corruption scandal


Share prices of South Korean company Samsung Electronics fell 1.5%, the cost of which amounted to 1,878 million won.

Gold continues to rise in price within eight weeks


During Friday's session, trading the April gold futures on US stock exchanges have shown a growing interest in the product, which is trying to recover from the recent price drop.