Common Questions and Answers

What is the procedure for withdrawing funds from my trading account?

Trade24 is obligated to all monies withdrawn, within 7 business days of request. In order to withdraw money from your trading account, you are required to download the 'withdrawal' form from the website. Then, fax it to: +44 2035190925. The money will then be transferred to you in the same manner it was deposited. For example, if you deposited with a credit card – your credit card will be credited upon withdrawal. If you deposited money via bank transfer – your bank account will be credited.

How can I perform an additional deposit into my trading account?

What is the fee for each trade opened?

What is the ECN system and what is the difference between ECN and the fixed spreads?

How long is it recommended to keep a trade open?

How can I profit from currency interest differences?

Will I be able to close a trade manually even if it did not reach its profit goal?

Is it possible to close half of a trade and leave half of it open?

What does the term "lock in profits" mean and how will I be able to lock in my profits in existing trades?

What is a future trade and can I determine its exact expiration time?

What benefits would you be able to offer in terms of hedging?

What is a Margin Call and when does it occur?

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