RoboX - Intelligent trading technology

Diversify your investment to reap the benefits that FOREX and CFD trading have to offer.

RoboX implements a patented algorithm that communicates between your personalized trading profile and the world's biggest algorithmic trading database bringing you trading packages that are optimized for your needs.



Answer, click... And you're done

It is that easy. Simply answer a quick questionnaire to evaluate your tolerance to risk and trading preferences, Choose the templated packages and recommended fund allocation and Robox will ensure your packages are automatically updated with the most optimized and most successful strategies.


See what RoboX did in the last 6 months:

Package name: Blue Topaz 624 | Package P/L%: 90.3%

RoboX data

*Past results do not indicate future performance

So how does it work?

RoboX is a trading technology based on intelligent packages of strategies. RoboX compares the user’s personal trading profile and preferences to the world’s biggest strategies database to provide the most optimized packages and money management. Every package is powered by an algorithm in accordance with its predetermined rules. The patented algorithm provides users with the strategies with the highest profit-potential exclusively while every package is updated both regularly and automatically.



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