British banks may lose the right to free access to the EU market


Banks that are based in the UK, are likely to lose due to the exit from the European Union the so-called "EU single passport", which gives them the right to free access to European markets.

The price for Brent fell below $ 50 per barrel


Oil prices today data on the growth stocks in the US, while the price of Brent has fallen below the psychological mark of $ 50 per barrel.

Bitcoin holds its positions because of high volatility in the Chinese market


In late September and early October 2016 cryptocurrency performance is stable, holding at around $ 645 for 1 unit of digital currency.

The national debt of the euro area decreased to a level of 91% of GDP within three months


Within three months of the second quarter of 2016 the total public debt of the European Union decreased in numbers to a record 91% of GDP.

The merger of AT&T and Time Warner for $ 85 billion makes the political consequences


Desire to AT&T (NYSE: T) Inc's absorb $ 85 billion for Time Warner Inc (NYSE: TWX) echoed the objections in the camp of the Democrats and Republicans in the camp, which required checking the legitimacy of a new giant in the telecommunications and media.