Warum Trade 24?

Trade24 operates a dealing room for currency exchange using the worlds # 1 trading platforms, combining ease of use, efficiency, and security.

Investors and traders are able to execute spot, forward, conversion and options trades in all currency types. All deals can be made online or via our dealing room. We strive for excellence and aim to give our customers the best service available maintaining the highest standards possible. We also provide personal one on one treatment and assistance from our highly skilled personnel with all matters relating to the financial markets in general and the Forex market in particular.


Dealing Room

Trade-24.com operates a dealing room for currency exchange using the world's top trading platforms which combine ease of use, efficiency, and security.
Investors and traders are Able to execute Spot, forward, conversion, and options Trades in All Currencies. All Trades can be Made Via our dealing Room.
Team includes the Chief Dealer dealers and WHO are highly educated and All skilled in trading and the Financial Markets. dealing The Room is available 24 hours a day to provide the most exact and professional assistance to all our clients.
Trade24's dealing room utilizes state of the art technology, infrastructure, and analytical tools for examining trades and management systems that allow us to inform you, in real time, regarding your trades and their P & L at any given moment.
Trade24's dealing room operates and serves the companies clients during all trading hours starting Sunday on midnight all through Friday night thus allowing a continuous trade in the worlds markets and guaranties the ability to issue a quick response to any development and maximum exploitation of opportunities.


Trade24 Operates through the Best liquidity providers in the World, Striving to Provide our clients the LOWEST rates spreads and Best. At Trade24, Execution of Trades does not Involve any type of Commission - you Only Pay the Spread Between the bid and ask price. Our clients can enjoy the financial leverage as well as guaranteed rates and stop losses for hedging purposes.

Trade24 Trading Platforms

Trade24's sophisticated trading platforms allow traders to execute trades via the web from any location around the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days A Week Without the need to download any Software. Furthermore, Trade24 Offers ITS clients the special ability to download an App for Their smartphone so you can trade on the go - as long as there is cellular coverage available.
Trade24's advanced systems display trading rates in real time and enable traders to execute trades at any given moment.
Trade24's platforms allows direct and easy access to your trading account along with a simple view of open and closed positions, and historical reporting of your activity, allowing you to analyze your account for future learning and trading.
With Trade24's trading system you can define 'stop loss' and 'take profit' orders to limit your risks of loss and even cap your profit in case the trend changes and you are not in front of your screen.

Trade24 offers its clients:

  • Extremely low spreads between the bid / ask price
  • Commission free trading
  • The option to trade via our dealing room or trading platform independently.
  • Fixed rates
  • Personal and completely confidential service
  • Financial services custom tailored to each, individual client
  • Internet and cellular trading systems of the highest standards
The company operates branches in London, Paris and Switzerland and via the web and we are accessible to almost everyone in the world.
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